Welcome to Maclassic.com!

This site is still heavily under construction. I'm rebuilding after my old site was swarmed by spam years ago.

Questions and Answers

Why did you start another vintage Mac site when others already exist?

An excellent question! While there are several other well-used communities on the Internet, I feel that there's something lacking in what's out there. A lot of the documentation available for working with vintage Mac hardware, especially 68k machines, is either extremely outdated or gone entirely. The plan for Maclassic is to provide a single repository where all that ancient information is sifted through, updated, clarified, and made available to anyone and everyone. I was also disappointed with some of the attitudes I saw in other communities, and thought I might try my hand at building a different sort of community.

So what's going to be here, anyhow?

This site hosts a wiki, and maybe a discussion forum in the future. I'm a huge fan of projects, and I am always modding and improving the technology I own. The wiki contains details on my projects, as well as all the documentation I've collected through the years on old and/or defunct Mac enthusiast sites.

Awesome! Can I contribute?

At the moment, the wiki is not open to new user registration. Once I get what little old content I had migrated over and fix up the site template to look like the old site, I will likely open user registration using various OAuth2 providers (Google, Microsoft, etc.).

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